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Dream Golfing Holiday at World's Top Courses
Platinum Golf Week


The holiday of a lifetime is being offered to a select group of golfers with a taste for luxury.

A dream week based around the British Open awaits the lucky dozen, who will receive star treatment along with real competition on some of the worldıs most famous courses.

The Platinum Golf week offers the chance to see the Open action at St Andrews - and play on four championship courses for the Platinum Medal. Top class accommodation and dining is provided at one of the finest country house hotels in Scotland - hosted by the Duke of Roxburghe.

The holiday is the idea of Steve Medhurst, Managing Director of Manchester-based Platinum Golf. He said: "I'm a fanatical golfer and I have never been able to find a golf package that gives me everything I want. I have designed this holiday for the golfer who wants the ultimate in accommodation, travel and dining, as well as the thrill of competing on some of the most famous golf courses of all."

Off-course, everything is catered for: luxury accommodation at historic Roxburghe, where the Duke of Roxburghe will personally supervise the hospitality; dining at noted restaurants; travel by limousine, private helicopter or plane.

At the Open, the golfers will be able to walk the course alongside the stars.

And the competitive element is catered for, with play modelled on the British Open - four rounds of golf on famous Scottish courses.

Private caddies will support each golfer, while video and still photographers will create a record of the week. "This tour is unique and totally inclusive: everything a golfer might want is provided as part of the package. There is flexibility too, if guests want to visit other attractions. We have created something that is aimed at the worldıs most discerning golfers and is the golfing opportunity of a lifetime," added Steve.

The cost is £14,750 which covers all costs from the moment the 12 Platinum Golfers arrive in Britain or depart their UK homes.


Further information from: Sales Office Manager Hazel Lea on 01663 764982