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Survey Finds Golf Travel Is Increasingly Popular


A recent survey of over 600 UK club golfers found that golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular, both for groups of friends and for families.

A staggering 85% of respondents stated that they take golfing holidays or look for destinations where they can incorporate a few rounds of golf while away.

Of trips taken, 54% were golf-only trips, while 38% were holidays and 8% business trips that also included playing golf.

Group golfing trips are the most popular (64%) but the 36% of respondents who choose to go on golfing trips with their family highlight the increasing appeal of the game for women as well as men. Golf is now the fastest growing sport for women in the UK. Over 411,000 women are now regular players, a rise of 7% since 1992, and this trend looks set to continue.

When it comes to the most popular destinations for golf travel, the three domestic favourites were Scotland (33%) respondents), Ireland (18%) and Devon/Cornwall (8%).

Internationally, Spain came out top with 29% of votes, Portugal second with 23% and Florida/The Carolinas third with 21%.

When asked what other activities they liked to combine with golf when away, the most popular choices were cuisine (18.24), sightseeing (14.85%), shopping (12.85%), nightlife (12.23%) and beach activities (12.02%).



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