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Brittany is a land of contrasts, the sea buffets the rugged coastline, whilst inland, quiet villages seem to be stuck in times long gone.

On the north coast, in the Cotes D'Armor region, St-Malo is a popular resort with the old town boasting varying styles of architecture. Dinard is another popular resort along with Mont-St-Michel. In the west, the Granite Rose Coast derives its name from the pink boulders set amongst fantastic seascapes in unspoilt bays and quiet little resorts.

North Finistere has many little parish villages with fantastic carvings and it is in this part of Brittany more than any, that the ancient tongue and old traditions are still very much alive. Finistere is very much in the past, contrasting greatly with the modern commerce of Brest. Morbihan brings yet more contrasts with the industrial port of Lorient and its medieval towns set alongside the more sophisticated resort of La Baule and the megaliths of Carnac.

For those who like to wander amongst history, Central Brittany is for you, with the castle of Josselin and the forest of Paimpont where Merlin is said to have cast his spells! The old capital of Brittany, Nantes is a bustling city in comparison to the regional capital, Rennes, more of a market town with an interesting medieval past.

Brittany has much to offer the modern tourist without spoiling the very areas of interest to travellers.

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