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Sardinia is a relatively undiscovered golfer's paradise. It's warm climate, clean beaches with turquoise water, unspoiled and rugged landscape, friendliness of people and fresh food and hearty wines makes it an unforgettable destination.

Sardinia is a large island south of Corsica located between Northern Africa and Italy in the west Mediterranean.

Like Corsica, it has excellent weather all year round with dry summers and mild winters, ideal conditions for golf most of the year.

At present there are two golf courses in Sardinia, one in the south and one in the north of the island and there are three more planned.

Sardinia is an extraordinary destination with more to offer than you would first imagine.

Two very different courses to suit different golfing experiences and budgets on a divers island more than 400 kilometers long.

The traditional Sardinian cuisine consists of pork, lamb and wild boar with seafood amply available in coastal areas.

The wines are exceptional, the reds are robust to accompany their meals and the whites are dry complimenting their fresh seafood.

It is also an adventurous island, where bandits still live in the mountains in central Sardinia.


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