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Sousse / Port el Kantaoui

140 kilometres from Tunis, the town of Sousse, was previously known as Hadrumete and was built by the Phoenicians in the 9th Century BC. A town which was Punic, Roman and then Muslim, Sousse has retained a great deal of character.

Surrounded by very find crenelated ramparts, dominated on one side by the imposing Kasbah and on the other by the mosque and elegant Ribat.

The medina houses souks which are the most typical in Tunisia. Many high class

hotels stand along the beautiful fine sand beach which stretches for several kilometres. Nearby is El Kantaoui, one of the Mediterranean's main garden ports, with the seductive charm of its houses built in the purest tradition of Moorish architecture.

The vibrant resort of Sousses has something for everyone, beaches, cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants, lively nightlife and historic sights of interest.

Getting There

Sousse and Port El Kantaoui are just 25 minutes away from the main charter airport at Monastir. If you're landing in Tunis, there are several trains a day and the journey lasts two hours. To go between Sousse and Port El Kantaoui, take a bus, taxi or the little tourist train.

Where to Stay & Eat

As SOusse and Port El Kantaoui are well established resorts, you'll find a wide ranging selection of hotels. Nearly all of them are beachfront. Self catering aparthotels offer comfort and flexibility and can be found in both resorts. There are also clean budget hotels in Sousse's old walled city.

When it comes to eating out you are really spoilt for choice. You'll find restaurants for every taste. For a special occasion, try the sophisticated La Daurade, the mouth-watering Le Mediterranee or traditional specialities at Les Emirs, all in Port El Kantaoui's marina. These restaurants are extremely popular so it is best to book in advance.

Don't Miss

  • The view over Sousse's bustling media from the battlements of the Ribat, a 9th century fort that is the town's oldest Islamic monument.
  • The Kasbah Museum of Antiquities in Sousse which houses some of Tunisia's finest Roman mosaics.
  • A trip out to sea on on of the elaborate wooden pirate galleons moored in Port El Kantaoui.
  • The highly enjoyable evening cabaret show at Sousse's casino.


Local buses and taxis are very cheap and readily available. Trains are one of the best ways to travel in Tunisia.

  • Herglas is a clifftop village about 20 miles north of Sousse, that is famous for the craft of weaving from esparto grass.
  • Further north perched on a huge limestone rock is the Berber village of Takrouna with staggering views of the coastline.
  • Less than an hour away inland is Kairouan, one of the holiest cities in the Islamic world.


  • Diving
  • Watersports
  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Riding