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Golf in Texas:
Piney Woods

The Piney Woods region of East Texas, with its millions of acres of pine forests and wetlands has a unique appeal all of its own. Texas' four national forests, which offer wonderful camping, hiking and fishing are all located in this state. History buffs can visit the 1800s via quaint towns and replica pioneer settlements. Many of the Victorian buildings throughout the region

double as charming bed and breakfast inns. A steam powered locomotive carries visitors through skyscraping pines. Blooming dogwoods, magnolias and roses add a touch of Southern charm to this region. One glimpse of nay of the beautiful East Texas golf courses and you'll wonder why you waited so long to tee up in the Piney Woods of Texas.

One of the towns, Woodville, serves as the gateway to both the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation and the woodlands, streams and swamplands of the 86,000 acre Big Thicket National Preserve. Other towns set among the tall pine forests, focus on their heritage of timbering centres or as boom towns at the time of the state's first major oil discoveries. All around are romantic bayous, clear refreshing lakes and sparkling rivers that you can explore by riverboat or canoe.

Golf Clubs:
14. Eagle's Bluff
20. Twin Lakes

Garden Valley

22. Texas National

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