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Golf in Texas:
South Texas Plains

The gateway to Old Mexico, the South Texas Plains unites two cultures that share dynamic histories and traditions. Tex-Mex cafes and charming shops line the romantic River Walk in San Antonio, city of Spanish mansions and family attractions such as marine and theme parks. Born out of hte rich heritage of Mexico and influenced by the pioneer spirit of the Texas settlers, South Texas has its feet firmly

planted in both the old and new worlds. In San Antonio and other South Texas cities, historic battle sites of Texas independence reside side by side with metropolitan shops and nightclubs. Added to this atmosphere is year round sunshine that provide sthe perfect setting for Mexico shopping excursions or outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing and of course, golf.

The star city of the region, San Antonio, establishes the hispanic ambience of the area. It was here that the Spanish established their early missions and the Texans fought their most famous battle for independence from Mexico, in the mission known as the Alamo.

After sampling the city's numerous attractions, cruising down the meandering river and enjoying the cafes, visitors often head for the border cities of Lardeo and McAllen, each with its Mexican counterpart just across the river.

South-east the Rio Grande Valley becomes more and more sub-tropical with exotic plants, citrus groves and fields of aloe and sugar cane. The Valley is a migratory ground for several hundred bird species.

Golf Clubs:
23. Hyatt Hill Country
24. Westin La Cantera

Pecan Valley

26. The Quarry
27. Silverhorn
28. Golf Club of Texas

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